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How Oil & Gas Can Turn Challenge into Opportunity

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Everyone seems to be going digital these days. Though Oil & Gas remains behind, clinging to paper-based processes as the de facto construction execution and asset management standard. Relative to other industrial sectors, Oil & Gas ranks dead last on the Digital Maturity scale, scoring an abysmal 1.3 out of 10. Going digital is no longer the trendy thing to do, it is the thing that ensures businesses remain relevant, increasing efficiencies through addressing a myriad of daily challenges faced by Oil & Gas.


Parlaying Challenge into Opportunity

Remaining entrenched in outdated ways of working is crippling upstream Oil & Gas operations. A reimagining of operational practices is necessary across the value chain. Going digital, and ditching paper, is an opportunity to enhance safety, sharpen employee productivity, minimize onsite visits, streamline communications and reduce the carbon footprint.

Common organizational challenges faced by Oil & Gas that going digital can turn into opportunities follow:

  • Ensure safety during simultaneous operations.
  • Keep projects both on time and on-or-under budget.
  • Make informed decisions throughout the entire project or operational lifecycle.
  • Provide information that is accurate, complete and readily accessible.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the real-time project status.

GIS has been able to break through these challenges through our partnership with MODS utilizing their technologies and software to support our oil & gas clients. Heading the MODS team in the US, Andy McMinn reflects on how these advances have helped GIS become a step above as we work to become more efficient for our clients:

"At MODS we collaborate with our clients and are constantly looking to improve and adjust the software and the user-interface so it’s a perfect fit and functional for all of their requirements. We’ve just launched an upgraded version of our software for GIS, and we are in the process of training their teams across the region. Like anything new, we have to work out, any queries, but this is never an issue when you work closely with an organization like GIS, our relationship with them is seamless and we have built up trust and credibility over the years. GIS have fully embraced the change to digital practices and are progressively working towards ensuring their business is ready for the future, it’s an exciting company to be involved with."


Ensure Safety During Simultaneous Operations

Asset maintenance is a double-edge sword. Essential for quality assured operations, maintenance interrupts production. Time is money and simultaneous activities occur in close proximity, which increases safety risks.
Digital software solutions like our MODS SIMOPS capability help ensure the safest possible work environment during complex simultaneous operations, minimizing mistakes and accidents. In upstream Oil & Gas, the safety challenge can, through digital solutions like SIMOPS, increase productivity offshore by up to 25 percent.

Keep Projects Both on Time and On-or-Under Budget

Understanding site staff’s real-time and anticipated needs such as tools, equipment, materials and information helps keep projects both on time and on-or-under budget. Only through this comprehensive understanding can productivity and efficiency be optimized.
Conventional paper-based methods are antiquated. Data is often not easily accessible or flat-out inaccessible. Information gaps and erroneous manual recordings are common. Digitizing information with the help of automated software is the answer to keeping projects on time and under budget. All data resides on a cloud-based system, accessible from anywhere. Plus, tablets or other handheld devices used to read QR codes on materials control and track the processes. MODS Materials management software replaces paper, offering superior control and oversight. Solutions such as this are helping Oil & Gas companies around the world in the construction, maintenance and management of their assets.

Make Informed Decisions Throughout the Entire Project or Operational Lifecycle

Digital systems enable accurate forecasting and informed decision making, which can reduce total installation costs by up to 10 percent throughout the construction execution lifecycle. Evidence-based management of things including labor, equipment, and materials is made easier when information is digitized because automated systems organize and catalog information so that it is updated, relevant and easy to access.
Work packs are the standard organizational tool when projects require lots of different people in various roles, using a range of tools to work on countless components. Our MODS advanced work pack software, where all information is digital, eliminated paper, reduces error and ensures transparent and informed decision making. This is the way to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Provide Information That is Accurate, Complete and Readily Available

The phases of construction, commissioning and handover are distinct. Yet, for all project phases, total project control is essential. Especially when multiple stakeholders are involved in project management, tracking information, which isn’t always updated and exists in multiple locations, is difficult. This common scenario compromises the integrity of decisions that impact safety, efficiency, cost as well as other parameters.
This is where digital transformation makes a massive difference. Digital software solutions like the MODS Completions ensures that information is shared between project phases. That way, all stakeholders have access to accurate information anywhere at any time, facilitating decision making. With paperless systems in place, everyone’s approach is homogenized, leading to smooth reporting and handovers.

The Digital Opportunity

All projects, regardless of size, would benefit from continuous tracking, updating and quality control. Digital software solutions allow everyone from site workers to executive leaders keep up to speed with accurate, real-time progress tracking. Access to reliable, updated information provides the basis for informed decision making that steers the project effectively.

Digital transformation is the way forward. For Oil & Gas businesses to remain competitive, it’s time to ditch the paper of yesterday, moving towards systems of the future. The GIS partnership with MODS has allowed us to provide digital software solutions to make clients’ targets trackable and achievable, with comprehensive, accurate information and full transparency throughout all project phases.

With the right digital transformation partners who have field-based engineering experience both offshore and on, your digital software solutions are built by engineers for engineers, ensuring success.


Ensure you are moving in the right direction with digitization through MODS Connect.


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