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ESG: Focus On Responsibility

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What brought us here? Due to the current global concerns over climate change and the rapid reduction of natural resources, many clients within our industry have implemented ESG strategies across their business models. As a primary service provider for the Oil and Gas Industry, GIS has identified the importance of placing Sustainability and ESG strategies, addressing the main challenges of net zero emissions and compliance with 2050 targets, social responsibility, and strong governance and ethical business practices. This will allow GIS to continue evolve with current and new clients, allow better access to resources, and therefore reduce our operational costs.

Why is it important to our workforce? The ESG program at GIS will serve as a tool for the company to measure our sustainability performance by utilizing environmental, social, and governance factors.  Ultimately, our success as a company depends on our ability to incorporate these Sustainable practices that will lead to greater social credibility, attract new talent, boost employee morale, and build stronger community relations. This will make GIS more resilient and set the foundation for long-term success.



esg-overall-image“Because GIS assumes far-reaching responsibility for its own operations and the impact we have on people, the environment, the community, society, and our role as a corporate citizen, it is vital that we clearly communicate how we are supporting the energy transition,” noted Leon Bradberry, GIS Environmental Safety Manager.

GIS, LLC’s ambition is to continuously develop business from a broad and long-term perspective – to conduct a profitable and sound business today without compromising ESG values into the future.

Our sustainability work is conducted from a triple bottom line perspective, which considers business, social and environmental aspects:

  • Economic Sustainability - Striving for stable and profitable progress over time and applying good business practice.
  • Social Sustainability - Acting as a responsible employer as well as contributing to improved social progress within the geographies we are operating.
  • Environmental Sustainability – Protecting the environment by actively striving to reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact as well as optimizing resource utilization.

Our focus shall include among others, decreasing GIS’s carbon footprint, our effects on the socio-ecological system, attracting diverse talent, and improving labor practices regarding equality and diversity.


Carbon emissions and energy production is some of the most important concerns of the 21st Century for GIS. How we use energy and manage our environmental impact will have far-reaching consequences on society and the planet.

At GIS, we embrace environmental stewardship through our procedures and processes that are designed to mitigate risks and protect the environment in which we operate. Our overall ambition within environmental responsibility is to protect the environment by actively trying to reduce our environmental impact, as well as to reduce resource utilization – both activities carried out in-house and throughout the Supply Chain.

“Through our GIS ‘Green Team’, we are working to achieve this vision to provide insights andesg-truck contribute to the rapid evolution of technologies focused on bettering the world through environmental initiatives,” stated Shastri Sitharama, GIS Director of Research & Technology. “Within the context of our global operations, GIS is committed to reducing its energy consumption, water usage, waste disposal, and carbon footprint in a practical and cost-effective manner.” We will do so by capturing environmental data and promoting environmental sustainability initiatives with employees as well as working in partnership with our customers to achieve ongoing environmental and sustainable operational improvements.

Over the past couple of years, our operations have already made great strides in the realm of the environmental responsibility to include: 

  • Tracking our GHG emissions from onsite combustion and venting sources, purchased electricity and heat, and value chain emissions from the use of sold products, employee business and travel, product transport, and employee commuting;
  • Converting from Diesel engine welding machines to electricity powered;
  • Conducting Facility Energy Audits to identify energy efficiency;
  • Installing of Inverters in welding machines that result in a reduction of amps used;
  • Transforming our GIS fleet of vehicles to Hybrid technology;
  • Utilizing battery-powered drones to move cargo and perform other specialized functions;
  • Construction of multiple Solar Farms in Louisiana and Florida

As we continue to progress within these positive strides, we are eager to soon share many additional efforts in progress with our partners to further support this initiative. 



esg-team-handsHistorically, employee safety has always been the sole priority of these concerns for GIS. In more recent years, we have come to understand how we foster our people and work environment have just a major direct affect our on organization. Putting more emphasis on our culture of inclusivity and diversity will pave the way for a sustainable future.

At GIS, LLC, we pride ourselves in “Putting People First” and the long-standing culture of respect and empathy for our employees and the community at-large.

We shall execute its Social Responsibility through:

  1. Active engagement in the community and goal to be an integral part of the solution on social responsibility;
  2. By recognizing, respecting and celebrating differences in all people and pursuing fair and equitable treatment of all employees with competitive employment terms, conditions, and benefits;
  3. Building an ESG partnership with its stakeholders and focusing on occupational health and safety and continuous improvement.

Director of Employee Engagement, Mai Orgeron noted, “At GIS, diversity and inclusionDEI-Team-Meeting strategies are catalysts for success and innovation in the workplace as we strive to build a more impactful organization.” GIS believes that differing opinions and lived experiences are valuable and serve to support our business overall. We are committed to providing a structured work environment that is inclusive and respectful to everyone by embracing diversity and continuing to build a culture of equity where differences are celebrated and accepted.

Whether focusing on our internal employees supporting both their physical and financial well-being to citizens externally within our local communities through philanthropic initiatives, GIS provides various programs and resources as we live through our core value of Putting People First in every aspect and in the way we work together as an organization.



ELTStrong governance, ethical business practices and prudent risk management are critical ingredients to GIS’ achievement of its goal for long-term value creation and “future-fit” for shareholders and driving sustainability.

Corporate governance guidelines assist the GIS Executive Leadership Team (ELT) in the exercise of its responsibilities and to promote the effective functioning of the GIS “Green Team” and workforce. The ELT's goal is to oversee and direct management in building long-term value for the Company's stakeholders. In addition, the ELT's goal is to assure the strength, integrity and vitality of the Company for its customers, clients, employees and the communities in which it operates.

Positive impacts to the GIS Governance Responsibility have included a re-visioned Executive Management Team, achieving ISO Certified Quality Management System, as well as the implementation of many refocused internal processes.

GIS shall strive for strong governance, ethical business practices and prudent risk management to drive sustainability and long-term value creation for its shareholders.  The Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics serves as the foundation for integrity and ethics and the promotion of compliance to applicable standards and regulations.  

The GIS value of Integrity is an essential part of Governance and the Company mandates:

  1. Employees demonstrate the highest ethical, moral and fiduciary standards in their personal and professional lives and report irregularities and issues through the appropriate hotline or to the Executive Leadership Team;
  2. Leadership to actively engage and motivate employees to achieve ESG Goals and utilize KPIs within the sustainability areas to make continuous improvements;
  3. A Risk Assessment shall be performed and recorded in a Risk Register to protect against any business vulnerabilities.  

As we expand our ESG initiative, we continue to seek ways to further optimize our governance process.



Ultimately, our success as a company depends on our ability to incorporate these Sustainable practices that will lead to greater social credibility, attract new talent, boost employee morale, and build stronger community relations. This will make GIS more resilient and set the foundation for long-term success.



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